L-Style Brenda Roush L5c Signature Rocket Champagne Flights - Sky Blue

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US pro player Brenda Roush signature model.
Bee/Honeycomb design.
The Champagne Flight, is the only flight compatible to the Champagne Ring. Together, the flight and shaft makes an ultimate hold, prevents robin-hoods, and create long durability. 
Rocket has a slightly larger surface area compared to the Kite.
The lower half of the flight is similar to standard while the upper half is closer to Teardrop. If you love the standard flight but want something noticeably smaller this might just be the perfect flight for you.
Best used with medium to long length darts and darts that are heavier.
Dimensions: Width from wing to wing 31mm. Overall length 43.9mm.
*Does not come with champagne ring.