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The New Fit Point Plus C.C Conversion Points are designed to convert soft tip darts for steel tip use on a steel tip bristle dartboard. Fit Flight has combined the usability of Fit Point PLUS technology with excellent strength and lightness from the carbon composite material these conversion points are made out of. Featuring a new barbed tip to help eradicate bounce outs by greatly ensuring a secure landing, grip and hold to the sisal fibers in a dartboard.

Available in 25 mm and 30 mm length. The length measurement does not include the thread. The measurement starts at the beginning of the exposed point. Point thread is 2BA, sold in a set of 30 or cards of 6

Product Highlights:
  • Carbon Composite Material - Gives high durability and makes it lightweight
  • Fit Point Plus C.C Conversion Barb - barbed tip prevents fall outs
  • Fit Point Plus Tool - Can be used to loosen and tighten the conversion points for a secure fit.

  • Length - 25mm without threads