Fit Flight Printed Series- JANKEN

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JANKEN-Fit Flight Printed Series

In Japan, players often start off with Rock-Scissors-Paper (Janken) to determine who throws for cork.  But you forgot one thing: rock crushes scissors. But paper covers rock … and scissors cuts paper! Kif, we have a conundrum.
Available in Fit Flight (and AIR) Standard and Shape
Innovative flight and shaft system
"push in" system provides easy insertion of flight into the shaft
The flight is pre-molded so it retains the 90 degree angle
These highly durable molded flights reduce deflections and maintain consistency in the air. The rigid material of the Fit Flight gives your darts a more sense of stability. Fit Flight is the most innovative Flight and Shaft System. The Fit Flights simply pop on and off of the Fit Flight shafts. (Shafts are available in 2 types - Locked and Spinning). The Push-In system is manufactured to the highest specifications, creating perfect results every time.

NOTE: fit flights will only work with fit shafts