CUESOUL TERO AK4 Dart Flights Kite Shape,Set of 3 pcs

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This innovative TERO AK4 flights are new patent system from CUESOUL,well-designed built-in spring telescopic and rotation combo system(combine with AK4 flights)

The AK4 dart flights should be combined with AK7 dart stem/shaft

Size: With TERO AK7 S shaft,length 21.5mm(about 17/20 inches) ,Total 63mm(2-1/2inches ,not include screw)
      With TERO AK7 M shaft,length 26.5mm(about 1-1/25 inches) ,Total 68.3mm(2-7/10inches ,not include screw)
      With TERO AK7 L shaft,length 33mm(about 1-3/10 inches) ,Total 74.8mm(2-9/10inches ,not include screw)

Weight : TERO AK4 kite flight,0.9g/pc ,TERO AK7 S shaft,0.7/pc, combo weight,1.6g
         TERO AK4 kite flight,0.9g/pc ,TERO AK7 M shaft,0.8/pc, combo weight,1.7g
         TERO AK4 kite flight,0.9g/pc ,TERO AK7 L shaft,0.9/pc, combo weight,1.8g
Display in crystal gift box ,nice gift for your friends who play darts.