90% Tungsten Range 917 21gm - Series 4

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A multi scalloped dart barrel featuring ring and axial grooved grip sections with a slightly tapered ring griped nose that fits a No.5 lippoint dart tip. Designed for ultimate grip and grouping during dart play. Both the 4 and 5 series have the same barrel design with the 5 series having extra length. See the specs for details.

The longitude 917 dart range from Shot! of long and sleek dart barrels designed for maximum grouping and an even balance of throw.  Arguably the longest barrel range on the market to date with some as slender as only 5.6mm diameter and as long as a whopping 59mm the 917 (steel tip)  and 918 (soft tip) ranges feature a wide range of balance points and grip levels including some innovative axial milled cuts in the 4 and 5 series for maximum control.