Team 9DARTOUT - 2021

Welcome to the Team 9DartOut page.  This group of people do us the honor of representing the company with their amazing talent and being ambassadors to the sport. 

This group of people have come together over the course of the last 9 years.  It has been a pleasure to watch as they have become friends with each other and keep contact outside of our game.  I would like to think that 9DartOut and what it stands for plays a part in how these relationships have grown.  People first, Dart Players second, and Salespeople... a close first.  lol   I truly consider these people part of my extended family and I look forward to talk about them and their accomplishments in the future!

Here they are and many need no introduction:

9DartOut World Travelers

Robbie Modra
Gary Mawson
Paula Murphy
Shawn Brenneman
Nicolas Collingwood (IR)

Team 9DartOut Elite

Valerie Goad (R)
Shea Cole
Dan Olson (IR)

Don Stewart
Brad Porter (R)
James Kinney (R)
Kris Swift
Timmy O'Brien (R)
Gordon Goodwin

Team 9DartOut

Jeff Docherty
Randy Lee
Brian Obrecht
Colin Rath
Craig Cook
Andy Galvan
John Bennett
Sarah Simoens
Andy McMaster
Jason Bernard
Morgan Garza
Matt Collier
Elisha Rasor
Kaylee Kuchinski
Tina Russo
Daniel Brown
Sarah Wright
Jake Charlton
Brandon Hercules
Michelle Weister
Stephin Foreman
Michael Nguyen
Geri Stein
Chris Alexander
Thomas Willoughby
Ahmad Leal * (Serving our country)

Also affiliated with 9DartOut:

Isen Veljic
Johnny Lee Jenkins
Frank Steel